This has been a decision that has been on my mind for a few months now. When the idea first crossed my mind it was only fleeting, and therefore the notion of closing down Facebook seemed almost abhorrent if not absurd. I kept thinking about all the friends/family on my list, how we wouldn’t be able to stay in touch, and honestly, that was the main reason I held onto it for so long.

But I’ve long since moved on from that. Some people who were never in touch before continued to stay out of touch, and so I started wondering about whether or not I was really too emotionally invested into this stupid social experiment. I continued to feel that weird feeling you get when you finally realize something, and although I probably knew I should’ve shut this down a long time ago, I really wanted to make it 100% sure that this was the next best course of action.

I am disappointed by what FB does to people, what it does to colleagues, school mates, friends, family. Yeh it used to be great and it was a wonderful way to keep in touch, exchange photo’s etc, but that was in the beginning. It has since morphed into this medium full of fakeness, and all the negative attributes of the real world have been slowly introduced here also. I don’t like it, and I don’t like the idea of my life being part of that example. I hate that you can’t say something without someone having something else politically correct to say back, or, the fear of saying something that could get me in to trouble, in more serious terms than social correctness. My work is extremely important to me and I must be mindful all the time of which barriers I can cross and can’t. I always have to be careful of people’s nationalities, religions, cultures, beliefs, morals, etc, and honestly, I don’t want to anymore. I want to say how I feel without thinking, “Oh, I will offend someone if I say this…”

Maybe blogging will be a better medium for me. I can say what I want, how I want and when I want. If someone chooses not to listen to me ranting, then that is fine, but those that do can discuss things with me in a format where social experiments and social etiquette do not reign supreme, and people’s “feelings” won’t be hurt. I miss having honest, intelligent discussion. I am so bored of seeing how many times someone has farted, or what fully sick party was going off or whatever the fuck – in fact I was probably like many people part of this phenomena myself. Life online got boring when we had nothing new to share – the novelty of FB and instant status updates has become very boring very quickly.

So I have decided to close my Facebook down. I will be doing it this Friday COB 1700 hours. Those of you who would like to stay in touch can inbox me up until then with contact details and I will be happy to provide mine. Those of you who don’t want to, that is also fine. Thanks for being a part of my online life for a fair few years and sharing all your happy moments. I may be blogging somewhere out there in Online world, so if you remain interested in my movements and conquests, that is where I will be. I will still be taking photo’s and participating in workshops, both photography and shooting, so feel free to join me at any time for a snap, or a shoot, or two 🙂