The thing that interested me the most today was the article in the Gold Coast Bulletin which I cannot seem to find now which details the $450million renovation to the Police Academy, yet the QLD State government refuses to add an additional $27million to the budget to assist in a pay increase for Police officers, instead expecting the law enforcement service to fund the increase themselves through the loss of approximately 300 jobs State wide….

Today was also the day Australia lost its merit, in my eyes anyway, as a wonderful nation to call home. Ever since the Rudd/Gillard government has schemed and scammed its way into the Federal arena, Australia has become an awful, tyrannical place. With the passing of the Carbon Tax through the Senate today, Australia has died in my eyes. Died because I feel like I am starting to hate living here, and irrespective of the whole notion of the democratic process and voting and having the ability to exercise freedom of thought, Australia has been seduced into believing the Carbon tax actually has any merit at all.

Firstly, I cannot understand what the point is of introducing a carbon tax. A tax on air? Meaning, the mere fact that we continue to live as a species is now rights for someone to extract more money from us? Don’t they already get enough money through taxes? And where is all the money being used? I recall watching a program on SBS, in fact I think it may have even been “Go back to where you came from,” where someone quoted that the Australian government spends something like $60million or some other extravagant figure (I’ll have to research this amount specifically) on assisting the Indonesian government in stopping boat people. Yet why, instead of squandering that money to another government’s law enforcement, does’t Australia come up with a better example or process in dealing with asylum seekers?

Why, does Juliar Guillard and all of her minions (or, is it that she is the one who is the minion?) continue to push for the Carbon tax? Does anyone really truly believe that this has any value at all to saving the environment? I’ll tell you what saving the environment consists of…Large multinational corporations that deal with food production, food service, food delivery, food sales, etc, should not be buying internationally grown and harvested food. Australia should create a framework or guideline to which food is labelled and created as organically as possible within its own borders, which supports the local and national economies, farmers, agriculture and local communities. In fact, if the soil is healthy, the seed and the potential plant have a higher chance of providing nutrients, not only to humans, but to the environment around them. Stop feeding animals by-products, processed products and injecting them with artificial hormones. Instead, let food come naturally, let animals eat naturally, therefore leading to natural fertilization, insemination, birth and reproduction. In fact, I can guarantee you, that instead of promoting more chemicals, more pesticides, more fungicides, and letting animals graze naturally, feeding them with natural product, therefore resulting in us getting more nutrient rich natural, organic product, all these carbon emissions and footprints and other colorful words will decrease on their own. This simple change in behaviour would actually allow Australia to grow in so many facets of itself. Everything from health to trade to business to community, everything, would have the ability to grow and Austrlia would prosper on its own accord. Call it slightly protectionist if you will, but I just can’t continue to believe that all these additional chemicals and processed goods and drugs etc are doing anything beneficial for us, or our environment.

The carbon tax, will do NOTHING to benefit Australia. Let me repeat that again, NOTHING. It will not make people use their cars less, it will not make people change their behaviour. What will suffer is for example, the health of families because they won’t have enough money to cover the rising costs of fuel or electricity.Further, to argue that placing a TAX on people will force them to become environmentally sound is nothing but a massive PR game. It won’t. It will just force families who continue to barely make ends meet to suffer even worse catastrophe’s, lining the pockets of CEO’s and Federal government employees further, while the rest of Australia suffers. Being environmentally sound doesn’t require being taxed, and nothing will make me change my mind.

Another significant story that has my welcome attention on a regular basis is this impending notion of a second GFC. My interests in precious metals and the current economic climate is something I could comment on for days, however I shall leave that for another day. Coming is my commentary titled “Europe – Forever Occupied.”