I know I can be a little odd sometimes. I know this because well, a), sometimes people tell me so….b) I sometimes say something which to me seems the logical response, only to be greeted with funny sideways glances and people who look at me as if I am foreign. This piqued my interest in trying to understand myself a little more. I started by completing a simple test located at the linked URL based on the research of Carl Jung & Isabel Briggs Myers.  I found this to be the most comprehensive and accurate description of myself documented in real time. It was funny how things just “made sense”, and by that I mean, reading the result of what constitutes as elements of my personality really helped me understand why I do thing the way I do, and how I rationalise the way I do, etc.

I highly recommend everyone has an attempt at this test to help you determine what elements of your personality are strongest, and how to identify elements of other people’s personality which you find difficulty in coping with. This has helped me inadvertently deal with many work colleagues I would normally refuse to do anything with, because I now understand what motivates my responses and why I react to them in the way I do.