The news headlines have been lit up all day about the recent extraction of Berlusconi from Italy’s federal government. What is most intriguing is how all the major media outlets report that “Super Mario” Monti, the new head of state and an apparent economy elite of Europe, has taken over. I laugh when I read that media outlets are reporting in a manner which would depict the impending GFC2 as being manageable due to the changing of the guard in both Italy and Greece.

Let’s get one thing straight. There will be a GFC take 2, and it will be longer and harder to recover from than the first one. Is no-one seeing the current interest rates and wondering why they are so similar to 2008 figures? Is no-one paying attention to how very little is being sold in terms of real estate? So many houses in my estate have been attempting to go to new owners, mum and dad investors freaking out about this impending bubble slash doom phase and yet mainstream still spout the “perfect time to buy”…my house alone is not getting any bites and it is the cheapest one in the estate (i rent mind you). My point is I don’t know what upsets me more; the people that believe mainstream media word for word and haven’t got it in them to research something and actually find out about what and how different policies effect them. Everyone cries poor, but nobody looks at how they are being vehemently ripped off by banks and large multinationals. Sometimes it feels stupid to even talk to people because they look at you sideways, and unless your uttering the name of the likes of Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian, you really don’t get far conversation wise these days.

Articles like this for example: are being flaunted, and yet people are still encouraged in putting in to super, because “it’s the right thing to do,” and “super is the safest investment.”. Umm,….no it’s not. Why is that we have to pay compulsory parts of our pre tax wages into super, when those organisations then have the right to flaunt our money into “balanced” or “high risk” investments to yield greater returns. And then, if and when the economy crashes, like it did in 2008, and people lose their super and their entire life’s work of savings, how can anyone, particulalry a government justify that?

I also think it’s wrong that you cannot chose to have an investment as you please, for if that were the case, I would be investing my funds to buy more PMs, and would turn my middle finger up once and for all, to the bureaucrats that control us.

It sucks that despite how much we all may think we are ‘sticking it to the big guys,’ we actually continue to be under their wrath in some shape or form. And yet, generally, I am not a socialist or anarchist in thought, although in times such as these I question the humanity and logic of the people around me.