For a very long time I have been wanting to make a blog about something, anything, that represents an element of myself in a way that’s comical yet sincere, and something that I enjoy and will enjoy, writing about on a common basis.

I have yet been able to do that.

In fact, my other two blog projects have sat idly waiting for me to write on them, but I can never seem to find the incentive to do so. I’m over the serious, analytical and critical commentary, and yearn for something a little fun.

Which made me think of Op Lock. In fact, it wasn’t even entirely my idea; I must attribute much of it’s conception to my mate and guild buddy @glowbie; Resto Druid from Saurfang, in the best guild everrrrrrrr, Labyrinth of Lost Souls (links will be provided in links bar). It is her delightful and relaxed attitude to WoW that I love, and the fact that she has about a million druids to boot! @glowbie knows all.

The idea commenced on random twitter blubberings as I sit here oozing off my sickness. Glow happened to mention how she doesn’t to date have a Worgen Druid and how it’s something she “needs to get on to.” I responded to her tweet that I would level one with her, as I myself don’t yet have a worgen, and every attempt to start one levels me to about 20 before I delete it (kind of the same with Horde toons :])

Which got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be marvellous to attempt to make a warlock of every kind, Horde and Alliance?! I’ve never contemplated the idea before, and maybe someone has already done it but it’s not been me, and wouldn’t it be a great idea for a blog (and frankly, I’m starting too late in the year to do a 365 photo blog thingymabob)??

So that is how the idea of Operation Warlock came about. Whilst I take a few days, or even a couple of weeks to get things updated, I’d love to hear your comments for anything you would like to see on Op Lock. My aim is to show progress with leveling, and attempt to examine the differences between the various racial benefits each class gets. I’m definately not a theorycrafter, so this site won’t house any mathematical formulae about what does most dps or what doesn’t; it is simply my little WoW project. However, I will attempt to add via links any and all important Warlocky stuff for those of you interested in other things, like dps throughput, spell mathematics etc.

DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert. I’m a slight altoholic and I only play casters. My warlock is my main and I love her to pieces. This doesn’t by any means make me the best Warlock in the world. This is why I do not encourage the use of snide or derogatory commentary regarding what I say on my blog. If you’re looking for someone who lives and breathes that stuff, you are sure to find many people on elitist jerks that will provide you with the hows and whys and whens. (not slamming EJ because I love them myself, just trying to point out in which direction I want this blog to go) My attempt is only to have a little fun, and if I can provide some resources and link for further research, fine also.