Levelling with Dehla Lock has been difficult today. It seems as if it took that much longer than usual.

My first idea sways more toward the fact that I am levelling a Horde, and I have never levelled one before. For instance, I got lost in Orgrimmar for an hour, and eventually ran out the front gates screaming until finally I ran into some nice seers who turned me into a hungry wolf…

I’m a Warlock damnit not a werewolf!

However, she finally hit 21, and with the addition of more spells and talent point configurations I dare say it will get much easier. Being that I have levelled and played a Warlock main for a long time, I have decided to level her as demo, simply due to the Felguard. The Voidwalker for me lost a lot of it’s ‘tankiness’ when they nerfed it, I think back in WoTLK. And I’ve always liked the idea of having a big brute demonoid by my side. Kinda screams a little bit like a Twi-hard moment, but I won’t be the one to knock that back!

All in all I am really warming to Dehla, and I have always had a thing for Blood Elves. In fact, everytime I’ve made a Horde toon in an attempt to level it, it’s been a Blood Elf. They’re like the majestic ones on the Horde side, and Silvermoon is notwithstanding the prettiest of all Horde capital cities. *Bless that I finally got my mount too!*

What I am finding difficult is my ability to manouvre through Azeroth with as much confidence as I do from within the Alliance side. Even though I know which areas are ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’, I still kind of feel like I am fumbling around in the dark a little. I dare say that after Dehla has made it to 85, that should significantly decrease.

One thing I am interested in looking at, but maybe at a different time, will be the various racial abilities and how they can or cannot benefit a warlock leveling throughout Azeroth. Sometimes, knowing these vital information points can make or break what type of lock you are going to level, because much of it can vary on what playstyle you will engage in and what your toon will be used for. There would be no point in getting racial attributes with significant assets such as being able to move out of a snare or trap if that is not something you would use (think PvP).

So yes, making a warlock is not and should not be just as simple as “oh yeh I’ll just play whatever’. If you’re already going to invest time into leveling and playing a Warlock, then ensure you are a person who is willing to be challenged by the various playstyles available, and often the pros and cons of having the abilities you do.