I was going to blog to you today after a few hours of leveling Dehla Lock, but it seems that taking the Alien off A/C power while SLi graphics are enabled and trying to boot up brings up some black screen. This forces some kind of stealth mode or some kind of disabling of the hybrid cards, and I have yet been able to fix it. In fact, I will get my gun and shoot it soon because I am sick of it.

That being said, I can boot into integrated graphics and low setting and still play with about 30fps with no issue, but my prime gaming experiences will have to wait until I can work this mofo out. My argument is, why have a gaming laptop if it won’t work for gaming. So I am not only stubbornly determined to fix this issue, but also annoyed with Dells lackluster service.

For now, I am going out before I throw the laptop on the ground and break it into 1000 tiny pieces.