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So I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to blog this week, or play wow either. In fact, I was so pissed off with my stupid Alien that I didn’t even log until I hooked up my desktop again.

But, I must admit today was a lot of fun. A couple of guildies and Pixiie Lock went meandering through old school WoTLK raids and even some late level BC raids for a little bit of farming fun. We didn’t get anything too flash, but a few new achievement points on our belt were added, and overall we had a heap of fun doing it.

I actually enjoy these moments in an expansion, when you have your gear, and have finished all in terms raiding, points, and gearing, and can spend some time doing other weird and wonderful stuff in WoW. It is also interesting to look at how you can progress as a toon in solo terms, and is a good way to test your abilities on your toon. It’s an interesting concept to work with, because initially it started with myself, my husbands mage and another guildie and his shaman. It was not only fun, but interesting to see how 3 players could dominate in an arena where once you needed 25 cooperative team players, usually a specific mix of three groups, tanks, healers and dps. In late BC content, there was also a very specific need and role for particular classes and races. It was not unusual to see PUG’s or even guild groups requiring the use of specific talents a player had, such as a warlock summoning stone, a mage blink, a paladin bubble etc. I think with the introduction of Cataclysm, a lot of that specificity was removed so that mostly, but not all players had some kind of interrupt or stun bility, and most but not all, had a way in which they could heal themselves etc and so forth. This changed the dynamic of group creation, where once a shaman was the only one who could pop hero and let the group unleash, now a Mage and a DK (with the right requirements) can also pop their class equivalent.

In terms of whether or not this type of content retains any relevance after the fact, I do believe it does. For example, when I finally rolled a paladin and wanted to learn how to tank, I ensured I not only leveled as Prot, but also went into older content to understand how new abilities responded, when they were best used, how to approach mobs, caster mobs, melee mobs etc, when I could use different abilities, how much I could heal myself for with and without procs. All of this is valuable in understanding how you can be a better player on that toon. In terms of my warlock, it lets me look at ways I can be more productive with different pets and abilities, and allows me to test different rotations and strategies. In terms of learning something new about my lock today, well, I didn’t. However I did enjoy a romp in the old land, and did something not so monotonous in the lead up to MoP.