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  1. Always have a full supply of soul shards. Back in the day, warlocks actually had a soul shard bag, with up to 32 soul shards in there. I recall running TOGC once and one of the other warlocks had NO soul shards. Not acceptable. If you fail at this simple task, you should roll a mage.
  2. Know what pet suits what encounter. Don’t be uneducated in this matter. Warlocks have pets for maximum burst dps, for PvP, for raids, for soloing and tank pets. Our advantage is our demonoids are not sourced like hunter pets, so we know (or should know) who is who in our zoo. Don’t mess it up! Learn your pets abilities, and learn how they affect your play style and encounter!
  3. Don’t soul stone yourself (unless soloing). This is the stupidest and most selfish thing I have seen locks do. They see an encounter heading down the alley of pear shapedness, and instead of SS’ing the healer (preferably) or the tank (if paladin or druid and healer is down), they soul stone themselves. Fair enough, with the advent of guild levels, many guilds now have a level 25 mass rez ability, but you would be surprised how stupid some people can be, and some just simply choose not to use it. If you are one of these locks, then you do not deserve to be a lock. Soul-stoning has become ever more critical now that it also serves as a battle rez, and if you don’t want your whole party/raid griefing you for being a total noob, DO NOT SS YOURSELF!
  4. Don’t pull aggro intentionally and don’t expect the tank to not be upset if you do. Waiting a second or two for the tank to have a grasp on their threat generation is important in some instances in where and how the encounter goes down. If you are one of those people who think they can behave like you do when soloing, think again. This is not just a warlock thing. Often gung-ho rogues and hunters think they are somehow better at threat generation and mitigation than the tank. If you are one of these people, expect to be alone for a lot of your wow life, because tanks and healers and even other DPS will not tolerate this behaviour. If you want to play like a tank, smell like a tank, and look like a tank (but play a rogue, hunter, warlock, mage or any other class etc) then roll a class that can be a tank. Simple. Consequently, if you are a dps who thinks that not waiting a second or two for the tank to grab threat is not important, then expect to die, and in some cases, don’t expect a rez. You are not a child. And considering the massiveness of MMORPG’s, people will not tolerate this.
  5. Know your spells, know your abilities, and understand your limitations. Don’t let someone tell you how you should be playing your toon. (be the expert instead!)
  6. If you don’t already, start getting in to a little PvP. I myself have to be in the mood for it, and often when I am it may be a couple of weeks where all I do is PvP. It is one of the best ways to learn your toon. Due to the swiftness of most PvP combat, and the fact that you are playing against another person as opposed to an npc, you learn very quickly ways to get out of traps and snares, how to slow down incoming opponents, best pets to use per abilities, and most importantly, how to defend yourself. Don’t expect to be a pro from day one – PvP is challenging at the best of times, and sometimes can lead to mild nerd rage! But do not give up! Eventually you will see exactly how things work in that warlock head, and PvP and PvE will become much more exciting and interesting for you.
  7. Learn your encounters before popping cooldowns. Don’t waste them just to boost your dps a little bit. Ensure you deploy CD’s at times when they really do matter.
  8. Ride around capital cities on your dread-steed. You are a warlock after all.
  9. Always place a DOT on a target before your pet starts to attack it. If your pet attacks it first, you lose the loot of that target.
  10. And finally, make friends with a nerdy mage to port you around places and be the pun of all your finely tuned mockery 🙂