I was going to blog significantly about warlock spells/abilities and talents and eventually create it as a page. However, I am debating the extent of the effectiveness of this. If not just for historical reasons, but then again, that is what wiki sites are suited best for.

WoW Insider post http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/10/31/blood-pact-looking-at-new-warlock-talents/ outlines interesting information taken from releases of MoP data for changes in the warlock talent tree and consequently the corresponding spells and abilities which will result as a consequence of this change. Therefore, I am thinking it may be better to wait for MoP to drop before adding this information. Then again, I think that this kind of information is always relevant, so I am somewhat stuck in a bind. Creating this kind of post will be relatively in depth, but may require a revamp in the months to come.

I am not sure. I will continue to ponder this post.