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It has been a long while since I blogged. It sucks, because I currently have 3 blog projects that I am running and none seem to be progressing too far!

Blame it on the games…

I recently started a blog called Operation Warlock, with the intent of blogging about my mini project.The project is simple, level one of every kind of Warlock in WoW. The blog has started off well, but I haven’t been leveling my first alt as much as I should be. In fact, she probably could have been 85 for a long time by now, but I just seem to get distracted and end up doing other things.

Work has also been pretty insane, but work always is pretty insane. I’ve been training someone up in the job I am assigned too, but have been requested back to the job I want, and have been doing for a long time. Fingers crossed I actually get transferred back into this job, cos I am perfect for it.

Apart from that a lot else is happening on the home front. Between last week and now a mini explosion has erupted. OH and I saw a broker to see how we would progress in terms of getting some credit for a house, and with all else that is happening with the rental, and being given a notice to vacate on Friday, I am not only upset, but disillusioned at Real Estate professionals and their ability to fuck people around. Seriously selfish bunch of people, and I cannot wait to make a formal complaint about this company.

Ideally, I would love to be able to blog on all three, but it can be time consuming and a bit of a full-time project. And currently, I have too much on. But when don’t I?!

Things are moving fast at the moment, and fingers crossed it all works out.