In recent days a few of my guildies have decided to leave WoW temporarily, and stop raiding.

I will be staying in on WoW; I still enjoy it and am looking forward to MoP. I also am playing SW:TOR though, so that is probably taking some of the WoW monotony balance away!

I am still dedicated to this project. I don’t know how far in to Op Lock I will get, but any attempt is better than no attempt.

I am still a member of my guild and will stay until the fat lady sings! Many of them have moved to other pixelated places on the WWW, and I kind of see that as us testing the waters to the next great place of gaming, where our guild will resume and settle ourselves in on some ass kickery. I enjoy my guild, and enjoy the people I play with. Everyone is sincere, patient, like minded and helpful. And it’s not all about WoW; we share things that happen in RL, like real life friends do.

So to all my guildies in the sphere of internet gaming, I don’t think this is goodbye. I think this is just a bit of a hiatus for some of us from different parts of our current lives, and a moment that we can use to refocus and replenish our reserves. Plus, twitter rocks the social networking stage!