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I started this blog because I was going to start a project. The project was going to be to make a lock of ever kind available on WoW and level it to max cap.

To be honest, the idea had a lot of steam in the beginning and I really was keen on the project. But in the meantime, shit happened. We moved house, bought a house, finished uni etc etc. All these other RL events stopped me not only blogging, but playing WoW.

Further to that, at this point in the xpac I got tired. Not only did I get tired, but my whole guild got tired, and other games came out. The only reason I am currently playing WoW as often as I am is that I have a friend who is really into raiding etc who has just come back to the game, and having that social aspect in game makes it fun again. Until such time as MoP is released, and if it wasn’t for my friend, I probably would’ve been on a bit of WoW hiatus.

So, that being said, Operation Lock in its original context is going to be stopped. Firstly, I don’t have the energy or willpower to level a lock of every kind. I can’t be bothered. Secondly, I already have a bunch of 85s that will require levelling when MoP comes out, so that if timed right should keep me going considerably until this point again in the next xpac (assuming I will still be playing WoW, which I think I will). Thirdly, I am not very good at getting too technical about WoW. I love my lock, she was my first, my one and only and she will ALWAYS be my main. But I don’t have the time to be writing really extravagant technical posts about warlockery in MoP or now. It just doesn’t interest me. I enjoy playing, I enjoy knowing how to play my class and playing it well. The rest, well, that’s what other people are for. Give me a paper to write on counter terrorism though, and I can write for days!

So all this other technical BS I initially prepared for on the blog will be removed. I will still keep this blog to write about my general WoW experiences, but to continue with the project, that will be a no.

Keep watching THIS space for some reshuffling.