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It’s been ages since I blogged! How have you all been?

I don’t even know where to start…I am trying to sit here with a roaring fire, but it’s definately not roaring. Somehow in my urgency I choked it. And I would understand if it was a big urgency. But it was only WoW. But I’m not pissed off cos it was WoW. I’m pissed off because I’m levelling a druid who’s at 35 now, resto of course, and I got into a Mara run and we finished it in about 10 mins (just before maintenance) and guess what…….the healing LEATHER pants were needed on by the PLATE wearing asshat paladin who then amicably left group….and he won, my pants….. What a cunt.

Yes, you heard me. I said the c word and I meant it. I think this may be the time to start thinking about a “What I hate about…” post, in fact, maybe I’ll write it now.

What I hate about WoW:

  1. When people try and tell you how to play your toon. Especially, when they act like smart ass shits and say things like, “Heal the tank mmkay”….to which I politely responded, “No, I’m just going to stand here and look pretty because I really have nothing better to do…” Maybe I’m being a little sarcastic myself, but gee, you don’t need to state the obvious. Let’s look at the clues shall we; Druid – Restoration – Signed up as healer in LFD…what do you think I am going to do? Bake a fucking cake???
  2. When people need on gear that is CLEARLY not for their class. Two examples from today – a mage needing on a ring full of spirity goodness, and this asshat pally needing on MY pants, yes, MY FUCKING PANTS, cos I am the only druid in the group damnit!
  3. When people whinge and bitch and complain about how boring WoW is whilst sitting at their desks for hours on end playing WoW.
  4. When people complain about technical aspects of the game they think Blizzard got wrong. Now lets just stop here again and look at some clues – Blizzard – Multibillion dollar gaming company – just under 12 million game subscribers, and you’re one of them………..Who’s smarter than who now??? – EDUCATED people in gaming, they actually went to school to be able to make digital worlds and characters and synthesize them in a manner as such so that we, the people, get to enjoy some relaxation time making pixels consumate in orgasmic passion whilst we kill evil demons and the like…..
  5. People that bitch about maintenance. If there was no maintenance, then people would bitch about how sluggish the game was and how there were too many glitches. Grow up, stop sucking your thumb, you’re a big boy/girl now…
  6. Trollers, spammers and all around annoying people. People who are too young and immature to play the game. The game should be for adults…because I can bet you if the game was restricted to adults only alot of the teenager BS would stop. I’m not saying that the BS is caused entirely by teenagers, but the pettiness and insecurity, bad grammar and general literacy skills makes me want to hurl. I hate trade chat, and I always will.
  7. When you have huntards and rogues in PuGs that believe they should tank. I have lost count of the amount of times I have lost my fuckin brain at these people. It seriously makes me mental. Yes, I know you have a pet, yes, I know you can sneak around, BUT YOU ARE NOT THE FUCKING TANK – If you so wish to be one, roll one. Simple. There is no ifs or buts in this instance. When I was levelling my paladin, I strictly adhered to, “You pull it, you tank it.” Some people got all “Get over it, stop being a bitch” at me, but most times people respected the fact that someone had spoken up to the immature little ratbag thinking he was Blizzards gift to World of Warcraft.
  8. People in dungeons that say “gogogogogogogo”…no, how about a little bit of fuck you, I will not “gogogogogogo” and if you don’t like it, you can “leaveleaveleave…”
  9. When my fire goes out in the middle of my blogging and then my feet get cold 😦
  10. When people play, or don’t play their class properly and won’t listen to criticism. Often times it isn’t even criticism, it’s help. We were all noobs once, but gee if someone offers you constructive feedback don’t got all nerd rage at them. It is only a game after all.
  11. When people don’t know the dungeon and pretend they do whilst incessently whiping the run because, you guess it, they don’t know what to do. A simple, “I’ve never run this, quick rundown?” always works wonders. It’s amazing what happens when people actually use their brains…
  12. People who expect to be carried throughout the game. These people also expect to be carried throughout life funnily enough.
  13. People who try and make themselves out to be better than the 1100000000+ other people who play the game. Dickhead, we’re all in the same cesspool of nerdy goodness. Stop trying to hide the fact that it’s a Saturday night, you’re 19, and you’re at home playing WoW because you have no friends, no life, no ambition and you live in your mothers basement. I didn’t come home for days when I was 19 and was out enjoying my life with my friends and family, but that’s an entirely different story. (ok, so maybe I’m generalising a bit, maybe I’m also stereotyping these people too…..)
  14. People that assume that every player is a male, and those who proceed to ridicule women that do play. No, I will not divulge in ANY digital sexual activity with you, no, you could never ever get me IRL and yes, I am a female and yes, I am Intelligent and yes, I DO PLAY WOW. What are you going to do about it?
  15. People that insist on saying ‘anal’ before maintenance…
  16. Using vent. I HATE vent. I don’t mind using it with my guild, because they’re all Australians and some Americans, but they don’t say “OMG, you have a great accent” nor do they pick fun at you for being a girl. Being in PuG raids, which I very rarely do, but on the off chance I do decide to do one and we must use vent, I go bananas. People talk so much shit on vent, especially when you get that narcisstic RL who berates people and screams obscenities at them. I am using obscenities now, but I am allowed to, because it’s my blog, and I am frustrated, and I am using the language to emphasise my point. But when you have some pimply faced nerd stereotypical of a bad American teen movie, or this guy, then you don’t want to be in there very long, nor do you want to listen to their BS.
  17. People who beg for gold, or people that don’t want to look things up. There’s a limit to how much any one person can take, in terms of explaining basic gemming or enchanting for different role types. But then along comes the narcissist who won’t look anything up, is too lazy to learn about their class, expects handouts all the time, and when they’re short of gold, instead of spending half an hour or so doing some dailies, they hassle other people to give them gold. You lazy SOB, get off your pixelated ass and do it yourself. No-one likes a free ride loafer in game, or out.
  18. People who complain, “Oh it was so much better in Vanilla.” Seriously, get over it. If you loved Vanilla so much, why did you pay for the upgrade to the game? So you say, “Well, Blizzard was rolling out Xpac’s, had no choice.” Um, yeh you did. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. Stop complaining about it and whinging about it. There’s a shitload of people who still do enjoy playing it. If you’re so dissatisfied with the game, find some other hideout to troll in. WoW is an amazing game, and a lot of hard work goes in to making it what it is. Give credit where credit is due. I don’t see you sitting up in a Blizzard office sipping latte’s now do I?
  19. LFD queues when you’re a DPS.
  20. LFR groups that keep whiping on the last 4 bosses of DS. It’s really not that hard, the raid has been out for a fair few months.
  21. People who ‘reserve’ items in dungeons/raids but expect another 9 or 24 people to come with them to kill it only so they can ninja the item. Not cool.
  22. Tanks/healers who expect to be paid to queue, or alternately, are sourced via payment of gold by DPS.
  23. Tanks/healers that instaqueue then leave when the group pops.
  24. Guild spammers – I have been spammed by no kidding about 30 different people from various guilds to join their guild.
  25. Serial AFKers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand when people are disillusioned by the game, I can understand people get worn out. People that play WoW don’t play it for a day. Most people that play WoW have been playing for some time, and all people that play WoW can recollect exactly when they first played WoW, and the entire first toon levelling experience for you. As I said, it is an amazing game. It’s not perfect, but it is by far one of the most amazing games I have ever played. I enjoy spending time in Azeroth, if nothing but to fluff around for a bit whilst I relax after work. The added bonus of being in an awesome guild, that not only support each other in game but also out is something you don’t come across often. The thing is though, in games like this, the above mentioned annoyances are bound to be within the social fabric of the game. It is the nature of the beast. If we were IRL, these same issues would occur, which evidently is interesting to look at if you’re trying to understand the convergence of social spaces and new media (why didn’t I have THIS for my final undergrad paper!!) Blizzard will never be able to fix this problem, nor should they attempt to. The digital version of our world still has a lot of growing up to do, and we are simply the peons in a massive social experiment that is WoW.