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I really like lists. I love the way that creating lists can make you feel productive. I love how lists can be checked off, making you feel as if you are progressing.

And lists come in many forms. Lists are diverse, varied, creative, structural, logical, ordered. They are written or typed structures and formations of words and ideas which help us achieve many different goals. When you think about it, lists can be educational, informative and even funny! And I really like blogging in list format. Sometimes its much easier to state succinctly what you aim to discuss. It allows you to really pinpoint a specific point without getting too technical, and they’re really simple.

Like I said, I really like lists. Here are some of the reasons I prefer to use lists (apart from my very mild self induced OCD):

  • Lists allow you to pinpoint specific tasks that require completion
  • Within that, lists can also allow you to ‘list’ how you will achieve that task
  • Lists help you manage various parts of your life. Think of shopping lists, recipes, instructions and guides
  • Lists are ordered and structured: You always know what step is next
  • Lists can be easily modified and amended
  • Lists contain a lot of information in a small space
  • Lists can ensure you don’t stray from the point (of whatever it is you are doing)
  • Lists are easy to read and can be transmitted in many formats
  • Lists can be made into meta lists and sub lists, and the listiness of lists can go on forever

This, is someone else who really enjoys lists: http://www.todolistblog.com/