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Ok, I am not normally a fiction reader. In fact, the only fiction I’ve ever read is vampire stories. I know I know, cliche, but I loved the whole vampire thing back from when I was a kid…

So when people starting talking about 50 Shades (by E.L James), I initially didn’t pay much attention. A cousin of mine who has an odd knack for picking up a random book and it being amazing didn’t know that much about it either, so initially I was hesitant.

However, back at work the ladies started talking, and talking, and whispering in the hallways about this book. One of my colleagues who is a cheeky somewhat conservative has only recently shown interest in World Movies, a topic I absolutely love, because I love foreign movies. Not because of the sex, because everyone knows World Movies films have a lot of that unashamed, hungry sexuality in them, but because I prefer the stories and the film making style. I can watch foreign movies every night and not be sick of them, but I digress…

So lately her and I have been on some cheeky and comical banter over some of the movies we’ve watched and naturally, when she came to me about this book my interest piqued. She had seen another colleague gloating about it on her fb wall and came to ask me if I’d heard of it. She had already ordered the books and I’d mentioned how I was considering it. It didn’t take much encouragement after reading the reviews for me to take the plunge and buy them. Thankfully, booktopia had them in stock and I ordered them online on Friday. The books arrived here yesterday but I wanted to wait until tonight to start reading them.

So the story starts with Anastasia Steele. The first few chapters are setting the pace, describing the character and her environment (like college, exams, work, friends etc) but you quickly pickup on some interesting descriptive language being used. Often, terms like ‘domineering’, ‘bossy’, ‘control freak’ come up, but they come up in such a way that even if you didn’t have an inkling on what the book was about, you’d start to wander over to that direction naturally. The writer writes in a very easy manner, and I found quite a lot of moments funny, but whether or not she’s intending to be funny, or just excellent as describing the nuances of a womans mind I am yet to determine. I often found myself thinking, “Oh, my god, so true!” or having that general feeling that I could relate to the way Anastasia was analysing events around her. I find the written style and the way it reads as if you’re sitting with your girlfriends over some wine and cheese and telling stories, it really has that kind of feel to it. There are even some moments when she does something clumsy that you generally feel that pang of embarassment, like you do when you see someone in a funny predicament, or telling an embarrassing story.

I am now up to Chapter 8 – and whilst I won’t disclose anything further, if you’ve been thinking of picking up this book – do it. I have been enthralled from the first page, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I actually bought the trilogy because I couldn’t fathom that so many women world wide were flocking to this book and that I would possibly absolutely love it to death and not have more to read after Book 1.

I look forward to a further review when I finish the book, but remember, don’t think, just get it! You won’t be sorry!