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I haven’t been writing this blog that long, and what started out as one particular theme merged into another and now I have a mixed blog. It also feels somewhat better to write the more you get into it, and I like that you can analyse a particular topic or event in real time.

That being said, it’s almost very easy to evolve as a blogger if you allow yourself the freedom and creativity to do so. When I first started blogging I really had so much to say, but didn’t really know where to start. The thing is, blogging can be endless because our lives are so different. Initially I thought, my days are boring, I’ll have nothing to say. Then I moved from starting a blog about my WoW character which I found difficult to really get into without being like every other WoW blog out there, to moving into something where I can fragment and compartmentalise different situations I’m involved in.

Today for example, I had a really busy day at work, but what stood out was the actions of two people I work with and how much it infuriated me. I was sure I wanted to come home and rant all about it, but when that time came, I was partially over it, and thinking much more rationally.

I then thought about ranting about my stupid fire and why it took me 5 attempts to get it going and how I wished it was summer.

Further to that, I thought about adding my fail safe recipe for the most succulent and crunchy pork belly, but decided against it.

So then I got to thinking about what it is we do as bloggers and how we evolve. Many of my guildmates have revamped and revised their blogs to include other games they play and their general experiences in game. I also noticed more and more that I started to include things that were important to me, like food and health, or video clips that made me laugh.

It also gave me an avenue to talk about 50….oh 50; how you have altered my world!

So in saying that, I’d like to make a list of ways that YOU can evolve as a blogger:

  • Keep a notebook in your bag so that you are able to make notes of things you’d like to discuss when yo are out and about and think of a brilliant idea. Use OneNote to save clippings and news sites in an orderly way, collect images, quotes etc.
  • Develop an opinion about something that means something to you, and express it.
  • Be factual, informative and funny. Don’t plagiarise, provide adequate references and always source good quality reference material.
  • Be creative! Don’t limit your blogging to something everyone has done or is doing. The way to make your blog posts and blog stand out is by being different. Link your Pinterest or Twitter, so that people can follow you and you have another avenue of expression.
  • Take pictures of things while out and about, and write about them.
  • Start a project, or short writing series. (This can include image projects too)
  • Write properly, proof read, and don’t babble.
  • Review things
  • Set an achievable goal
  • Analyse things, like quotes, art, pictures, words, ideas or philosophies. You’ll be amazed at how your interpretation can differ from someone else’s.

So whilst I do advocate that we should all be passionate about something, and use it to express ourselves creatively or otherwise, it is important to remember that as life is fluid and transparent, so is blogging. And being able to keep up with the world around you can provide excellent sources of information and general knowledge that translates into awesome ways to blog!