And I am sitting in my study writing a post for a discussion forum about the concept of intelligence fusion…it”s a uni thing…

Bit damn it is hot…there is the most god awful sound coming from the treetops…it is a consistent and never ending monotone that goes long throughout the day, until dusk starts to creep in and then the sound stops. I never noticed the sound before yesterday, but it is really getting on my nerves already.

Apart from that I just canned my first mason jar of plums and one of cherries. I found this local market/produce shop about 10 minutes away in another little semi rural town and I can literally buy the best tasting local produce at such a cheap price. I just bought a shopping trolley full of fruit and veg for $70…and I mean full. Apricots 1kg, plums 1kg, bananas, mangoes (case), cherries (5kg case), tomatoes 1kg, 2 bags of potatoes 2kgs, zucchini 1kg, rockmelon, green melon, one small sweet watermelon, 3 pineapples, 2 bags of carrots, 1 bag of oranges, apples (case), 2 bags of onions, cucumber and a bag of nectarines…..this will all be gone by the weekend. I’ve started eating a predominantly raw diet. After finding out I had a soy intolerance about a month ago I literally stopped eating anything and everything that had the ability to stay in the cupboard or for long periods, because there is soy in almost everything, and sometimes it isn’t even labelled as such.

Whilst I still eat cooked meals at night time, whether it be a roast or something like that, I literally eat fruit and vegies all day. I’m not going vegan or vegetarian or anything like that… but I like the concept of eating food as it is supposed to be. I never could stomach cooked or steamed vegies….I may as well eat chicken shit if I have to resort to that. Fresh, raw food has so much more flavour and nutrition, and it just makes me feel good. I haven’t noticed anything in terms of weightloss, but my aim is not weightloss and I am still weaning myself off things as I continue to introduce more and more raw foods to my diet. I don’t feel heavy or that I cannot digest my food. I have stopped feeling nauseous which I used to feel every single night before I started eating more raw foods and was even sometimes sick. I had other issues that started to develop and they have all since gone. My skin is clearer, my hair is thicker and stronger, and grows quicker….I NEVER feel nauseous anymore, and I go to the toilet regularly. I also don’t have that bloated gassy feeling in my stomach, my nails are stronger and grow more, I have more energy and stamina throughout the day without having to resort to a pick me up chocolate at 2 in the afternoon when I run out of energy, my feet don’t hurt and I eat less over dinner.

Overall, I am feeling better and really happy that a simple change has allowed me to see the benefits and continue with the change. I am now keen to start learning proper canning techniques, so I can take better advantage of some of these dirt cheap bulk buys at the produce market. Like today they had a 10kg box of roma tomatoes for $5….and I kept looking at them and looking at them for about 5 minutes thinking what I could do with them. Had I been prepared, I could’ve either prepared them in oil and sundried them or canned them whole and stored them for winter, considering that I cannot use any store bought pasta sauces and such, I am having to resort to making a lot of things myself from scratch. Thankfully, making this transition has been something I have been wanting to do for some time now, and this soy intolerance business has just pushed me along a little quicker and forced me to take action.

And apart from that the year is almost at a close and I feel as if I have done nothing, even though I have been busy all year round. Through a mixture of uni, work, and buying the house, this year has literally flown by. I’ve also been looking at applying for graduate programs now that uni is at an end, or well, close to it anyway. I love where work currently, but I am sick of my job. I was lucky they moved me out of the station after 2 mths because the girl whose position I am in is not allowed to work in a high stress environment anymore…so technically she is in my job and I am in her job, but I am glad I am not in my job because I would have lost my mind. The boredom is extraordinary…and I have been thinking, maybe it is because I expect more. I mean, most people would be glad in a cushy government job, not too much stress, really flexible work hours. I hate it. I even hate the job I am doing now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent job, great opportunity to learn new skills, meet lots of people. It is excellent for the resume because you work with everyone from a first year constable to the Superintendent of the District…you do everything from CIB/CPIU to District Office work, to correspondence and record management, DV data entry, prosecutions, traffic and even property, which I am learning now. You often have to work autonomously and without supervision, making decisions by yourself, managing the roster and leave for big crews, often with 4 or 5 teams in it, and as I said all this is excellent for the resume, but I am sick of it. I can do it with my eyes closed. I want to do what I have been training to do. I want to actually have my skills put to use. I feel so out of place amongst my work colleagues because without sounding vain, I am so much more educated than they are. We have nothing in common and I often feel as if I have to dumb myself down to have basic conversations with them. No-one is interested in the world around them, they rort the leave system, they don’t want to do any work…they don’t want to learn new skills, but they want to get paid at levels at least 2 above theirs for doing nothing. They are lazy, and uninterested. I feel like I could actually make an operational or significant contribution to my workplace and yet it is so hard to do anything now with these State Government budget cuts that for me to do anything where I am now is a minimum of 3 to 5 years. I don’t want to waste my time anymore on something that may or may not come about. I need to start chasing again, start making moves that will benefit me.

I certainly haven’t paid that much in tuition fees at postgrad level to waste it being an admin officer when I have the potential to be so much more.

So 2013 I think will be a year of transformation for me, in more ways than one. I have health issues that will hopefully be fixed next year, and a fair few graduate applications to submit to see if I can start being of use to myself and my country. I have hope, and drive, and patience. This will help me, this will drive me. I also tackle the new world of 30-tydom in the New Year, a trip to Perth, and hopefully trips to Bali/Fiji or Paris throughout the year to replenish my batteries. I’d like to consider a language course, French or German, and look at planning and working towards a PhD…maybe even looking at doing an MPhil for the research component, or finding a coursework PhD that would be suitable for my field of study. I’d like to creatively start a photography project, or write a book…….

So much to do, and only 365 days to it…