Whilst the rest of the world is preparing to celebrate the beginning of 2013, I am sitting at home alone, blogging, eating, drinking, gaming, cleaning…

It’s okay, it really is. I have become so accustomed to being by myself that being around others annoys me.

On a good note, 2013 is bringing in more rest and relaxation for us. 2 holidays booked, Bali in Feb and Pacific Island Cruise in April/May….if all goes well, WLS in July, and Paris in September….maybe a few diamonds as well?!

I also leave the year as my final year of 20-something…come mid January, I will be an official dirty 30 year old.

Hoping you all have an amazing end to 2012, and an amazing beginning to 2013. Maybe tomorrow I will take an opportunity to reflect a little more…:)