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Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)Entwined with You by Sylvia Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


The ending was unexpected. I still don’t know if i like it or not.

Overall the story was excellent – very fast moving, but not so fast that you get lost. I have a feeling Day had a lot more of the story to say. I like the familiar and constant tension and passion, and the sparks between Eva and Gideon. It is characters like these that make you wish men like him were real!

I didn’t like the Brett line…at all. I don’t like Brett in the story, I don’t like his angle. I don’t like him. I kind of hoped that Eva would just tell him to go away, but it’s almost like she’s playing him…like she wants to create the drama that doesn’t need to be there.

Oh, and Eva’s mother….consistently neurotic, as expected. I don’t like how needy she is, and for me it feels like she’s always in the way. I would have liked more development with Gideon’s sister, and maybe even more work on his nightmares because I think that’s a really strong point. Also, the concept of the contract, from the first book essentially, well, it’s almost like it wasn’t even part of the story. I’d love for the story to deviate into a full blown undertaking of the contract, because i think in the concept of things, it may help develop the character of Gideon more. It will elaborate on this ‘dark side” he has. And i know it’s been done a million times already, but I still think you need to establish some kind of point with it.

Overall brilliant read. My cousins and I all got it down the night it released and then spent the early morning hours dissecting it. I love Sylvia’s style and I love her emphasis. There were a couple of overly lovey dovey bits, but sometimes I think you need that, to remind yourself that it is a story, and essentially the writer can do what they like with it.

Hopefully Sylvia gives us more of Gideon and Eva!

***EDIT: Because there was such a break between this book and the last, I found myself taking a while to try and remember some of the key points. In fact, I often found myself going”Who was that again?”…It may be beneficial to have a preamble, or just a quick summary of what happened before, because sometimes I felt lost in the beginning.***

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